3 Décembre 2012

Allocution de Délégué permanent adjoint de Russie auprès de l'UNESCO M. Alexander V.Boldyrev à l'ouverture de l'exposition «Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir dans l'Isthme de Courlande"


Mrs. Sutkus,


Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am particularly honored to welcome on behalf of the Russian Federation as one of the co-organizers of the present solemn ceremony all the participants and guests of the exhibition, which is presenting to your attention at the Headquarters of the Organization.

The Paris Headquarters of UNESCO, not once became the central "platform" for the presentation of the global art community, many prominent artists in their genre of creativity and the outstanding personalities of our time.

Today's meeting - is clear evidence of the continuation of this great tradition.

In the words of a contemporary Russian writer: "Revolution awaken geniuses and produce masterpieces ...". The exhibition, which we have the pleasure to open today here at UNESCO is dedicated to just three, I would say, revolutionaries - from France, and Lithuania, the true revolutionaries of the freedom-loving spirit. Evidence of this - the philosophy, the concept of freedom and the whole way of life of Jean-Paul Sartre and Madame de Beauvoir, as well as a unique artistic point of view and tireless contribution of Antanas Sutkus to the recognition of photography as a full kind of fine arts at home and abroad.

The desire to pay tribute to their spiritual and artistic masterpieces presents an important unifying framework for us - the organizers from three countries and other countries and peoples with a common history with us or those who have an interest and respect for the heroes of today's exhibition. As we can see, the legacy and the high international prestige of yesterday's "revolutionaries" now carries a high potential for unifying and incentive to increase mutual understanding, cultural convergence and the development of multilateral cultural cooperation. With no doubt, this is very in tune with today's goals and values ..of UNESCO.

Continuing the theme of cooperation, I would like to mention a very successful and positive experience of cooperation with France and Lithuania in the conservation of World Heritage properties. As many here know, Russia has the joint site with the latest which is Curonian Spit.

In the context of the present exposition, let me say without exaggeration that this natural region, protected by UNESCO, including, as a cultural object, could be the fourth hero of our exhibition. After a remarkable photographs of Lithuanian master to us - today conveyed freshness and breath of this amazing monument, its beauty and uniqueness. The sensation of a certain alliance, if you allow me a "conspiracy", between the beautiful wild nature of Curonian Spit and complex inner world of French philosopher and writer, and his companion.

Preservation of the unique cultural landscape of the region to the present day was made possible by the ongoing struggle of man against the erosion process, against threats of unregulated flows of people, attracted by the recreational, tourism and economic opportunities to Spit.

Clearly, this difficult work requires significant joint efforts of both countries. Which is the case at present, we think, quite successfully. Evidence of this was a positive decision on the item on the state of conservation of the Curonian Spit in the last session of the World Heritage Committee in St. Petersburg this summer.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the organizers and guests of today’s exhibition and wish pleasant moments associated with an acquaintance with it.

Thanks for your attention.