6 мая 2016

Immortal Regiment campaign abroad

A few more words about what’s going on in civil society.

Several commemorative functions, including the Immortal Regiment marches in Russia and other countries will be held as part of the 71st anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is a public initiative, where everyone can pay tribute to their relatives and loved ones who fought the Nazis on the front and worked for the great Victory in the rear. We believe it is important to note that the Immortal Regiment is a truly popular movement that has no borders. We are confident that this initiative will continue, as it touches the hearts of the descendants of the Soviet soldiers and members of the anti-Hitler coalition who contributed to this victory.

This year, the number of countries that will join the Immortal Regiment march has increased to 40. The truly popular support behind this campaign proves once again that the memory of the feat of those who defeated Nazism is still alive.