10 мая 2016

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Ms Alexandra Ochirova spoke at the annual meeting at UNESCO

Your Excellency, Mrs. Irina Bokova!

Your Excellencies! Ladies and Gentlemen!

Every day we live in apprehensive anticipation of consequences related to unresolved universally vital issues, global challenges and risks of the modern world, varied and almost uncontrolled human activity.

It is worth noting that current world order with all its contradictions and conflicts is clearly insufficient for the determination of a single vector of stability and security in a multivarious global world.

Today, the struggle for this world order is not only in economic, military or financial markets, but also in public spheres, where certain moral, spiritual and cultural values, universal norms and standards, creating motivation and goal-setting for a person’s, nation’s or mankind’s activity, are formed, stored or rejected. In this regard, multi-factor analysis of modern nations and peoples development dynamics can reveal a number of problems of the greatest importance for mankind sustainability and security, as well as it can prove that content area of a person and mankind are meaningfuly defined by humanitarian issues, to a large extent.

That is why the search for new regulations, interaction for gaining own national and cultural identity and human civilization preservation must be accompanied not only by creation of financial, economic or military unities, but above all – by restoration of the main vector of development, directed to a human being, to his or her potential development, preservation of peoples and mankind.

And it requires reformation of the global strategic agenda, which necessarily must include not only issues of social and economic development or military security, but also issues of “humanitarian modernization”, spiritual and moral crisis, cultural and moral values common to all mankind, as well as meaning and inherent value of a human life.

Mankind cannot develop meaningless or without a purpose, and in this regard it should be remembered that it is the human dimension of everything: civilizations, cultures, meanings and values that has always been present on Earth and has remained in cultural heritage of generations.

As can be derived from the constitutional documents of UNESCO, the culture is what we are. While formulating its new identity, humanity today must newly comprehend its development imperative as the highest priority issues, based on common sense, responsibility, humanism, cultural and moral values, which ultimately shall ensure peace and security around the world, a new moral order, mankind safety and preservation.

And in this regard I would like to thank Mrs. Irina Bokova for entrusting me to be UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, your ambassador, for this status allows me currently to promote professionally and responsibly the strategic approaches and new meanings for UNESCO, both within my country and globally, in all areas of UNESCO’s activities – in science, culture and education.

Thank you for everything you have personally done with UNESCO for the whole mankind.